Current students


Hugh Davies (and black-footed tree-rat)

Hugh Davies (PhD; University of Melbourne). The role of fire in the decline of northern Australia’s small mammals. (with Mick McCarthy, Graeme Gillespie, Alan Andersen)


Michelle Freeman

Michelle Freeman (PhD; University of Melbourne). How do trees succeed in Australian savannas? (with Peter Vesk, Garry Cook, Anna Richards)


Alyson Stobo-Wilson (and northern savanna glider)

Alyson Stobo-Wilson (PhD). Conservation ecology of the Lambalk glider. (with Sue Carthew, Teigan Cremona)


Billy Ross

Billy Ross (PhD). Responses of the northern quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus) to a large-scale feral predator baiting programme in the Pilbara, WA. (with John Woinarski, Mike Lawes)

Harinandanan Paramjyothi Venugopal (PhD). How do tree populations respond to fire management in the tropical savannas? (with Mike Lawes, Lindsay Hutley, Jeremy Russell-Smith)

Angie Reid (PhD; University of Tasmania). Grass, fire and kangaroos: Using fire management to sustain savanna macropods in the North Kimberley. (with David Bowman, Tom Vigilante)

Anna Miller (Honours). Monitoring rock wallabies: comparing non-invasive monitoring techniques to determine occupancy rates and relative abundance of Petrogale wilkinsi (Wilkins’ rock wallaby). (with Brydie Hill)

Larissa Potter (Honours). Developing camera traps as a novel monitoring tool for Butler’s dunnart (Sminthopsis butleri) on the Tiwi Islands. (with Chris Brady, Hugh Davies)


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