JOP_5741_cropped2Dr Brett Murphy (Associate Professor and ARC Future Fellow)

Brett leads the Tropical Savanna Ecology Group. His research focusses on understanding how fire has shaped and maintains the biota of tropical savanna landscapes, and how contemporary fire regimes can best be managed for biodiversity conservation, especially in relation to declining small mammals and fire-sensitive vegetation communities.

LeighDr Leigh-Ann Woolley (Research Associate)

Leigh’s research focuses on the tree hollow ecology of arboreal mammals, and the potential role that tree hollow availability has played in the decline of arboreal mammals across northern Australia. She is investigating the uptake of nest boxes in Garig Gunak Barlu National Park on the Cobourg Peninsula and working with Traditional Owners to test the efficacy of artificial habitat supplementation for the future management of threatened arboreal mammals.

HughDr Hugh Davies (Research Associate)

Hugh studies the drivers of the decline of small mammals in the tropical savannas in northern Australia, especially the impact of feral cat predation and inappropriate fire regimes.


Dr Sofia Oliveira (Research Fellow)

Sofia’s research focusses on characterising fire regimes using remote sensing and GIS technologies, especially in relation to fire management and biodiversity conservation.

IMG_0018Dr Teigan Cremona (Research Associate)

Teigan studies the ecology of northern Australian mammals, especially the northern quoll and savanna glider.

Hayley Gehgeyleyle (Research Associate)

Hayley’s research is focused on assessing and improving our ability to detect the threatened northern brush-tailed phascogale (Phascogale pirata) and in developing an effective monitoring program for this elusive arboreal mammal.

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